Do you feel like you need a change in your life or your health right now?
Would you like support to create healthy habits in your daily life?
Have you ever thought about your Health and Wellbeing with Fresh Eyes?

This 6 week course, WHOLE BODY PERSPECTIVE aims to assist and support you to improve your Wellbeing

Our health is not only what we eat or how much we exercise. Our health incorporates the whole of our being – thoughts, beliefs, food, movement and our energy.

In a safe and supportive space, we shall move, meditate, discuss nutrition, play with colour, and balance our energy to access all aspects of our being.

My aim is to assist you to reach your optimum wellbeing by showing you many ways to address and look at yourself, your health, your mind and your body.


This course is open to all who wish to grow their vitality for life.

Whole Body Perspective is a 6 Online week course starting 20th October.
€444 with an early bird rate €333 before the 6th October

Payment plan available –
€100 deposit by 6th October and €40 per week for 6 weeks of course.