Consciousness Medicine Consultation

A consciousness medicine consultation is healing session that utilises the laws of quantum physics and works across the body matrix to raise your vibration and move you closer to where you want to be. The body matrix includes

the physical body,
the energetic body,
the emotional body,
the ancestral body and
the spiritual body.

This healing modality works to address any specific issue you may have, to change the vibration of this across each body, which in turns changes your vibration and brings you into a more desired state. Discreating old patterns and bringing in the new. This is a very gentle yet subtle healing session.

I trained in this modality with Julie Williams Consciousness Medicine who is based in Greystones, Co. Wicklow. 


What to expect

Consciousness medicine sessions can be done both in person or online.

Online, the session is done via Zoom. This healing still works very powerful with this modality. In both online and in person session, we start chatting and then we move to a comfortable position. In person, this is lying on a plinth. Online this can be lying down or simply in a comfortable chair seated. We may speak a little during the session depending on your desire and what is going on.

1:1 session €80 per hour

Consultation Booking

Please select a date and time that suits you from the available times in the calendar. All free consultation appointments are 15 minutes.

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