I have always loved patterns, how different textured material displays a different pattern and all the different patterns that you see around you, especially in nature. One of my favourite things to do is to walk through the woods taking photos of the patterns you see close up, on a tree bark or on a rock face. Up close and far away things can appear totally different or at least have a different pattern.

There are so many patterns in life, patterns of movement, of thought, eating patterns, family patterns… the list goes on. In my life and in my training’s there has been both a building and a breaking of patterns. For instance, in yoga building the rhythm and pattern of a daily practice is key to one’s yoga journey. This daily pattern creates a healthy routine and vibrancy in your day. The exact format may change daily depending on what the body’s requirements are. That is if we are truly listening to the body – a journey of self-discovery.

To live a vibrant life, learning and seeing our patterns that need to be broken or changed is key. How hard is it to break or start a pattern? Well this all depends on where we are at or what is going on for us and also what is our connection to this pattern? Awareness if our first step to shifting and changing any negative patterns. Remember there are always positive patterns that we can include!

Have you ever explored the patterns of scared geometry. These are just stunningly beautiful patterns that surround us everywhere in nature. These patterns hold energy of their own that can be used for healing.

Do you have any patterns you want to break? Can you see any rigidity in your patterns? What are the positive patterns in your life? How do you go about changing your patterns? Would you like to live a more vibrant life?

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